The Atmosphere You Need

With a passion for people, music, and games, I put my all into ensuring that my music supports your vision for your project and falls in line with the atmosphere that will make your game stand out. I make sure to invest myself in the experiences I work to help create so that the result is ultimately satisfying.

My works are varied and range from jazz, orchestral, and electronic music but I can work within and outside of those bounds in order to ensure that the game has its own identity. If you have a composer already but wish to ease their workload, I can also work with their music to create new ideas using existing tracks. I can meet tight deadlines and can multi manage projects with my experience creating music under pressure.

To contact me, please do so at and expect a prompt response. Following are some examples of my work, hosted by Soundcloud.


The more traditional type of music used in modern games, these are some examples of pieces ranging from heavy to light that incorporate some of the standard instrumentation used in soundtracks.

This is a track made for a fake soundtrack meant to be fill the role of title screen music for a narrative heavy game spanning a great journey.

This was made for one of Homestuck’s official albums, a much heavier orchestral piece that makes its way through different emotions in an attempt to depict a story through music. Goes for a bit of a spanish vibe.

Also created for a false soundtrack, this one takes similar latin orchestral elements from the previous song and turns it into a much lighter battle theme.


If you’d prefer a calmer, smoother vibe to your game, my other primary specialty is in making jazz style tracks.

Created for the CEOtaku 2016 stream, a fighting game tournament focused on eastern/anime fighting games.

A recent original piece meant for relaxing.

Mixed Genre

More often than not I create music that slips between genres without sticking to one style or another. This often includes mixed instrumentation or just using common instrumentation in a different way. These are most indicative of what will happen when you tell me “well, just go wild!”

A sketch of a song I ended fully expanding, this begins as a simple piano piece and then forms a jazz influenced fast paced jam once it transitions into its second half.

Created for a half hour long game, this track was used for a baking goods themed area controlled by fairies. I combined some light traditional instrumentation with electronic manipulation for some sweet but eerily magical atmosphere.

Another track created for an official Homestuck album, this song goes for a dark rock style that’s meant to seem not quite right. A driving drumline delivers some dire feelings as the drone of the guitar wails on.

A song purely made to feel and feel alone, the violin that enters brings this short track to a satisfying emotional peak.

Created for the same false soundtrack as some of the other pieces here, this is meant to work as a dungeon theme where the main characters begin to feel the pressure of time weighing down on them, grasping for progress as desperately as they can.


This is less frequently requested of me, but I also have experience creating more electronically focused music that uses a bit more emphasis on synths than samples.

This track was commissioned as a running piece, meant to start from a light feeling and build up to a bright and motivating climax and going through that loop again.

This track as well as the next one were both created for jams where I had little time to construct each song. The former aims for a fun but mysterious walkaround theme while the latter goes for the more atmospheric approach.


As an example of what I can do with other’s work, I have some jazz arrangements uploaded at my YouTube channel.